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The First Reported Sighting of The Loch Monster

August 22, 565

The earliest report of a monster in the vicinity of Loch Ness comes from the biography of Saint Columba by Adomnán. Writing a century after the actual event, Adomán describes the Irish monk’s interaction with the beast not in the … Continue reading

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Last Dusky Seaside Sparrow, “Orange Band,” Dies

June 17, 1987

Orange Band, the last Dusky Seaside Sparrow, dies on June 17, 1987. Ammodramus maritimus nigrescens, a non-migratory subspecies of the Seaside Sparrow found in Southern Florida in the natural salt marshes of Merritt Island and along the St. Johns River, is officially declared extinct in December 1990. The dusky’s demise … Continue reading

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