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Denali National Park

February 19, 1917

Denali Final

Illustrated Kevin Contreras

Denali National Park and Preserve is a national park and preserve located in Interior Alaska, centered on Denali (Mount McKinley), the highest mountain in North America. The park encompasses more than 6 million acres (24,500 km²), of which 4,724,735.16 acres (19,120 km²) are federally owned. The national preserve is 1,334,200 acres (5,430 km²), of which 1,304,132 acres (5,278 km²) are federally owned.

The bill to establish the National Park was introduce in April, 1916,  and on February 19, 1917 the bill passed. On February 26, 1917, eleven years from the conception, President of the United States, Woodrow Wilson signed the bill into legislation.[4]

Only a portion of Mount McKinley (not even including the summit) was within the original park boundary. The park was designated an international biosphere reserve in 1976. A separate Denali National Monument was proclaimed by President Jimmy Carter on December 1, 1978.

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Sedition Act becomes Federal Law

July 14, 1798


Alexander Hamilton and the other Federalists in congress take advantage of the American public’s fear of the continued conflict with Revolutionary France to pass the Alien and Sedition Acts. Without first consulting then President John Adams, Hamilton passes what would come to be remembered as one of the most atrocious breaches of the U.S. Constitution.

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