Break a Leg, Nancy

January 6, 1994

Nancy Kerrigan is attacked by Shane Stant at the US Figure Skating Championships in Detroit. She is hit in the knee with a collapsible baton. Tonya Harding’s ex-husband Jeff Gillooly has masterminded the attack with friend Shawn Eckardt. Kerrigan’s cries of “Why? Why? Why?” to her attackers are recorded forever on ESPN’s Sports Century. Her injury will prevent her from taking part in the Olympic trials.

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Hello, Baked Beans? This is Hamburger.

January 7, 1927

The first transatlantic telephone call is made from a caller in New York to London. On March 7, 1926, The Bridgeport Telegram reports that “New York and London held their first telephone conversation today, the fiftieth anniversary of the day Alexander Graham Bell procured the original patent for the instrument.” The transatlantic call is also the first time two news bureaus, the Associated Press and Reuters, transmit a story across the ocean through the telephone.

For more information, see Transatlantic call made on phone’s anniversary.

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